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Bubble Bobble, MSX

For my money the MSX conversion is the best 8-bit home computer port of Bubble Bobble out there. It was developed by Taito themselves, who know the game inside-out and obviously knew what they were doing when they programmed it.

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Bubble Bobble, Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy conversion of Bubble Bobble is not an authentic port of the arcade game, even though it was developed by Taito themselves. Continue reading Bubble Bobble, Game Boy

Bubble Bobble, Famicom Disk System

The Famicom Disk System version of Bubble Bobble is mostly the same as the NES version, although it came out slightly earlier and was supplied on a two-sided floppy disk.

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Bubble Bobble, NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System conversion of Bubble Bobble features beautiful graphics, with some colour changes to the original, but in general it is a very authentic port of the classic Taito arcade game.

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Arkanoid, Arcade

Taito‘s Arkanoid was released into arcades in 1986 and did for bat and ball games (often referred to as Breakout clones) what Mario did for platform games. That is: revitalise them with new ideas and features.

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