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Operation Thunderbolt, Arcade

Operation Thunderbolt is the sequel to the classic 1987 arcade game Operation Wolf. It was developed by Taito and first released in 1988, and is a first-person, simultaneous two-player shoot ’em up that uses cabinet-mounted positional gun controllers to shoot at the screen.

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Bubble Bobble Revolution, Nintendo DS

Also known as Bubble Bobble DS in Japan, Bubble Bobble Revolution features a remake of Bubble Bobble as well as a separate conversion of the classic Bubble Bobble arcade game, and it is really good.

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Parasol Stars, PC Engine

Taito released Parasol Stars for the PC Engine in 1991. It is the third game in the Bubble Bobble series and features Bubby and Bobby – the two human characters from Rainbow Islands – both armed with a multi-purpose parasol and the ability to chuck water around with them.

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Qix Adventure, Game Boy Color

Qix was always a great arcade game, but turning the idea into an adventure for the Game Boy Colour was a stroke of genius for Taito.

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