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Winter Camp, Commodore 64

Winter Camp is the 1992 sequel to the popular Summer Camp. Both were ‘auteur pieces’ on the Commodore 64, with John D. Ferrari doing design, programming, and graphics on both releases.

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Horace Goes Skiing, ZX Spectrum

Hungry Horace author, William Tang, also produced this sequel – Horace Goes Skiing – the same year as its predecessor: 1982. It was again published by Sinclair/Psion.

This one is part Frogger clone and part skiing game, and is slightly more playable and enjoyable than its predecessor.

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Daley Thompson’s Supertest, ZX Spectrum

Jonathan Smith followed-up his superb multi-event sport game Hyper Sports with this – another multi-event sports game! Except this time: an officially-licensed Daley Thompson sports game.

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Winter Games, Commodore 64

One of many classic Epyx-published multi-event sports games from the Eighties, Winter Games is a collection of playable snow and ice-based Olympic events, but without the official license.

In this you’ve got: biathlon, figure skating, bobsled, ski jump, Hot Dog (a kind of fancy ski-jumping), speed skating, and driveway clearing. Actually, there is no driveway clearing. I just made that up.

At the time of initial release Winter Games was hailed as a masterpiece of gaming, and it still plays very well even today. Many people consider it the best of the Epyx sports games. What do you think? Is it better than World Games, or not? Get commenting below.

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