Daley Thompson’s Supertest, ZX Spectrum

Jonathan Smith followed-up his superb multi-event sport game Hyper Sports with this – another multi-event sports game! Except this time: an officially-licensed Daley Thompson sports game.

Everyone loves Daley Thompson, and back in the 1980s Britain was absolutely mad for him, so he appeared in a number of video games. This being the second one, I think.

Programmer Smith once again showing how to make a great game, within the confines of a limited machine, but to give it character and humour (as well as provide a fair challenge).

Daley Thompson’s Supertest was published by Ocean Software in 1985. There were 48K and 128K versions released. The 48K version had pistol shooting, cycling, spring board diving, slalom, rowing, penalties, ski jumping, and tug of war, and the 128K version had extra events: javelin, 100m hurdles, 100m sprint, and triple jump.

More: Daley Thompson’s Supertest on World of Spectrum

Daley Thompson’s Supertest artwork by Bob Wakelin.

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