Midwinter, Atari ST

Mike Singleton‘s 1989 release, Midwinter, is a classic action strategy game with a mixture of early 3D polygonal graphics and 16-colour 2D graphics.

The game takes place in a post-apocalypse 2099, after a devastating meteor strike has left the earth in the grips of another ice age.

In Midwinter you play as John Stark, a militia commander whose mission it is to recruit local people and start an uprising against forces led by a megalomaniac soldier called General Masters.

Using a map, you ski, drive and fly your way around the island of Midwinter, looking for recruits. Some of the more useful recruits will only allow themselves to be recruited by certain people, so a careful plan is required to get them onside.

Midwinter is a fantastic game, but it does take some getting used to, and completing the game is a bit of a challenge. Well worth a go though.

More: Midwinter on Wikipedia

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