Daley Thompson’s Supertest, ZX Spectrum

The second of the Ocean-released Daley Thompson sports games is Daley Thompson’s Supertest, which was first published in 1985.

This time there are twelve events, including: rowing, penalties, ski-jump, tug O war, triple jump, 100m sprint, javelin, 110m hurdles, pistol shooting, cycling, springboard diving, and giant slalom (skiing).

You have three lives and must pit your skills against the computer and the clock. Failure to qualify in any of the events will forfeit a life.

According to the late programmer, Jonathan Smith, the game was made very quickly and uses recycled Hyper Sports code on every event bar the slalom. In fact: you can tell from the style of animation (and from the sound effects) that this game has close ties to Hyper Sports on the Spectrum. They have a similar look and feel.

In spite of the game being rushed, it’s still fun to play now if you like button-bashing sports games.

Daley Thompson’s Supertest is definitely better than the first Daley Thompson game. Whether it’s better than the third Daley Thompson game – Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge – is open to debate. Let me know in the comments below which of the three you prefer.

More: Daley Thompson’s Supertest on worldofspectrum.org

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