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California Games, Atari 2600

Epyx programmed this 1988 conversion of California Games themselves, and – to be honest – it’s actually not that bad, considering the Atari 2600‘s limitations.

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Tour de France, Commodore 64

Published by Activision in 1985, Tour de France is one of the rare times in gaming history where cycling has proven to be a hit with gamers.

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Daley Thompson’s Supertest, ZX Spectrum

Jonathan Smith followed-up his superb multi-event sport game Hyper Sports with this – another multi-event sports game! Except this time: an officially-licensed Daley Thompson sports game.

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BMX Kidz, Commodore 64

Firebird Software released BMX Kidz for the Commodore 64 in 1987.

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Paperboy, Arcade

Atari‘s 1985 arcade hit Paperboy features an isometric road to cycle down and houses to throw newspapers at. It’s an attractive proposition for an arcade game. Especially when the game has real bike handlebars for steering, which the original arcade cabinets did.

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Summer Games II, Commodore 64

Sequel to the award-winning Epyx multi-event sports game, Summer Games II is arguably even better than its predecessor.

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