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Infamous British software company that produced early games for 8-bit home computers. Famously went bust in 1984 after attempting to produce the over-hyped “mega games” Bandersnatch and Psyclapse. The Imagine Software brand name and logo was then bought by rival company Ocean Software. Imagine’s output can therefore be broken down into two eras: pre-demise (1982 to 1984), and post-demise (1984 to 1998).

Rastan, ZX Spectrum

This ZX Spectrum conversion of the 1987 scrolling hack and slash arcade game from Taito was developed by Icon Design and published by Imagine Software in 1988. And it’s not bad, but it’s not great either.

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Molar Maul, ZX Spectrum

This early ZX Spectrum game from Imagine Software was designed and programmed by John Gibson and first published in 1983.

It is a good example of a mundane idea being turned into a video game – namely: dental hygiene and the battle with tooth decay! Gibson apparently wrote the game in only four weeks.

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Stonkers, ZX Spectrum

This 1983 release from Imagine Software is one of the earliest examples of a Real-Time Strategy game ever made.

It might not look like much, but Stonkers is an important game, and designer/programmer John Gibson probably never even realised it at the time.

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Terra Cresta, ZX Spectrum

A conversion of the superb Nichibutsu arcade game, programmed by the late Jonathan Smith and published by Imagine Software in 1986.

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Green Beret, ZX Spectrum

A conversion of the infamous Konami arcade game Rush’n Attack (name changed later in the West to Green Beret), by the inimitable Jonathan Smith. Published by Imagine Software in 1986.

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Hyper Sports, ZX Spectrum

This British conversion of Konami‘s Hyper Sports arcade game is a smash hit ZX Spectrum game – arguably one of the best Spectrum arcade conversions of all time.

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Alchemist, ZX Spectrum

This very early, side-scrolling fantasy action game was created by Ian Weatherburn for Imagine Software in 1983.

In the game you control the titular Alchemist – a guy who can shape-shift into a golden eagle and fly to places he can’t normally walk to.

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