Movie, ZX Spectrum

A legendary ZX Spectrum game, designed and programmed by Duško Dimitrijevic and published by Imagine Software in 1986.

Movie is an isometric action/adventure in the style of Knight Lore, and it utilises a Marlow-esque ‘Film Noir’ type setting. It’s basically a detective story where you have to solve simple puzzles by using conversations and item manipulation.

What really made Movie stand out back in the day were the graphics, which are beautifully designed and stylised – a true work of 8-bit pixel artistry that still hold up today.

The rudimentary physics that underpin the game are impressive – for a 48K game. The gameplay is held back a little by the slowdown, and this is common with isometric games on the Spectrum, although the programmer seems to have compensated for this and it doesn’t mar the game too much.

Deciphering Movie‘s secrets is not easy, but it is worth a go, and using a walkthrough will help not waste time. As will learning how to use the game’s built-in text parser.

An arguably better Amstrad CPC version was also released the same year. No other conversions exist (outside of maybe homebrew), that I’m aware of.

More: Movie on Wikipedia

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