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Cannon Fodder, Atari Jaguar

Sensible Software‘s classic ‘titchy man’ overhead scrolling shooter, Cannon Fodder, is well-represented on the Jaguar, having been ported by a company called The Dome Software Developments, who did a worthy job with the conversion.

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Command & Conquer, PC

The classic Real-Time Strategy game, Command & Conquer, was originally published for PC MS-DOS by Virgin Interactive in 1995.

Command & Conquer was developed by Las Vegas-based company Westwood Studios and it took the world by storm…

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Cannon Fodder, Archimedes

The Acorn Archimedes conversion of the classic Cannon Fodder is pretty much identical to the Amiga original, even down the music, which is not always the case with Cannon Fodder conversions.

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Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos, PC

Westwood Studios1993 RPG Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos is a Dungeon Master-like first-person, real-time action game with spells and combat and plenty of monsters out to end your life.

Las Vegas-based Westwood, coincidentally, were developers of the first two Eye of the Beholder games, but dropped the franchise in favour of developing Lands of Lore, their own IP.

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Beneath A Steel Sky, PC

Revolution Software‘s second point-and-click adventure (after Lure of the Temptress); first released in 1994; Beneath A Steel Sky is a humorous, futuristic, dystopian, “film noir” mystery, co-designed by legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons.

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Cannon Fodder 2, Amiga

Cannon Fodder 2 is for players who want more Cannon Fodder action, and simply did not get enough of its predecessor. Sadly, it’s not quite as good as the first game, so may cause an overdose…

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Cannon Fodder, Atari ST

Sensible Software‘s classic Cannon Fodder is still the same great overhead war game on the Atari ST as it was on the original platform – the Amiga. Although it has to be said that it’s not quite as good as the Amiga version

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Cannon Fodder, Amiga

Sensible Software‘s brilliant Cannon Fodder is possibly their finest hour.

From the hilarious intro song, to the compelling action of the main game – Cannon Fodder is about as much fun as computerised war, with little titchy men and a mouse could possibly be.

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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Atari Jaguar

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a fighting game, based on the 1993 film by Rob Cohen and starring Jason Scott Lee, and released for the Atari Jaguar in 1994. Like the film, the game is a fictionalised dramatisation of the life of actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee, taking place in various time periods with Bruce fighting against different adversaries.

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