Cannon Fodder, Amiga

Sensible Software‘s brilliant Cannon Fodder is possibly their finest hour.

From the hilarious intro song, to the compelling action of the main game – Cannon Fodder is about as much fun as computerised war, with little titchy men and a mouse could possibly be.

War really has never been so much fun, and this classic game is maybe even the best war game ever made. You can tell that the makers understand the realities of war, and their depiction of it is merely satire. Glorious satire.

Anyway, if you’ve never played Cannon Fodder before: you are missing out. There are a number of versions around. Personally, I think that the Amiga version is the best. The intro music is the best quality, and the feel of the mouse control and scrolling is just about perfect. The only downside are the loading times, but they’re not too bad overall.

Cannon Fodder is another solid gold retro gaming classic – not to be missed. Get it going in an Amiga emulator if you can.

More: Cannon Fodder on Wikipedia

9 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder, Amiga”

  1. If you’ve never heard it before, I recommend listening to the full version of the boot hill theme (written by Jon Hare and titled Narcissus, versions on YouTube). The sax is lovely. Got some of the tracks on vinyl. Also have a framed picture of the graveyard hills on my bedroom wall – strangely didn’t scare Saz off when I first met her. That’s how you know you’re onto a winner I guess.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve heard the “live” version of Narcissus before. Not bad, although not really my cup of tea (am not a sax fan), but still interesting because of the Cannon Fodder link. IIRC Jon gave PC Zone some of this music for inclusion on a cover disc.


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