Cannon Fodder, Archimedes

The Acorn Archimedes conversion of the classic Cannon Fodder is pretty much identical to the Amiga original, even down the music, which is not always the case with Cannon Fodder conversions.

The famous intro song, “War (Has Never Been So Much Fun)” is present, although it is relatively quiet in terms of volume. The sampling quality is good though. The other famous music in the game is also in there too, and it’s decent quality, which makes a big difference.

Levels-wise: they seem to be the same as previous versions. I didn’t see any differences in the missions or level layouts, and haven’t read about any differences either, so have to assume they’re identical.

The gameplay is identical to the Amiga version too, although it’s maybe a tad faster/smoother, and also the controls seem brighter and more responsive as well.

Cannon Fodder for the Archimedes was developed and published by Krisalis Software in 1994 and there’s little to fault with it. A classic retro game and a top ten title on the Archimedes!

More: Cannon Fodder on Wikipedia

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