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Fallout 4, PC

The fourth Fallout was released by Bethesda in 2015, some seven years after Fallout 3, and five years after Fallout: New Vegas. In fact: I would call this the fifth Fallout game, because Fallout: New Vegas was more than just game number 3.5, in my humble opinion – it was the best game in the entire series. But anyway… What do I know?

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Fallout 3, PC

After a gap of some ten years – between the release of Fallout 2 and “the void” of there being no other Fallout games – came Fallout 3 from Bethesda. Like a bolt from the blue: Fallout was back, and this time it was in 3D.

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The Elder Scrolls Series, PC

There’s been approximately four years on average, between episodes of The Elder Scrolls series, and we are currently long overdue an announcement on a follow-up to 2011’s Skyrim. It’s been eight years since Skyrim, and three years since the remaster.

Bethesda are surely working on a new instalment of their flagship, single-player RPG, while at the same time faffing around with online and VR versions of TES.

What I want – as do millions of others – is a The Elder Scrolls VI: Worldbeater… A single-player, openworld grind-fest full of scary monsters and magic. Another great adventure into mountains and dungeons!

So what’s it gonna be? This sequel? Where’s it going to be set? What are Bethesda gonna do to top themselves? Who knows?

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002)
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1996)
The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1994)


Arena PC 06

Daggerfall PC 31

Morrowind XBox
Battling with skellingtons.

Obilivion PC 38

Skyrim Remastered PC 011

Skyrim, PC

Or – to give the game its full title: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – a legendary, open-world RPG with a dragon-riding, fantasy horror setting, and a chilly, Nordic, snowy feel to the landscapes.

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Redguard, PC

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard is a third-person action/adventure set in the world of Bethesda‘s famous The Elder Scrolls series. It was released in 1998 for the PC, running under MS-DOS.

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Battlespire, PC

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is a spin-off from the famous Elder Scrolls series of RPGs by Bethesda Softworks.

It first came out in 1997 – between Daggerfall and Morrowind – and is an MS-DOS-based action/RPG with fairly primitive 3D graphics.

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Rage, PC

id Software‘s fantastic post-apocalyptic shooter Rage was first released by Bethesda in 2010.

The game generally divides games-players, although in my opinion it is a great First-Person Shooter. And a weapon-fetishist’s wet dream… Not only are the weapon models some of the best I’ve ever seen, but when a new weapon is introduced into the game the way the main character handles it and shows it off is something to behold.

Rage really isn’t a game for people who hate guns…

But id Software has always been the leading developer when it comes to weapons in First-Person Shooter games, and Rage cements that fact. At least in my mind.

That aside: Rage is also a very interesting mix of shoot ’em up and RPG. It has RPG elements that open the game up a little more, and brilliant driving sections too. You spend quite a bit of time driving from one settlement, or location, to the next, and are often under attack while in transit. I really like the driving sections. And there are online multiplayer races too. Although – in reality – the driving sections are just an off-shoot of the main game. Which is: high-octane, first-person blasting action. In an amazing, scary and dark 3D environment.

It might be getting on a bit now, but Rage is still capable of showing its gaming class.


The Elder Scrolls: Arena, PC

The first game in the famous Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion; Skyrim) was first released by Bethesda Softworks for PC MS-DOS in 1994.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena looks somewhat dated these days, what with its arcane mix of 3D environments and chunky 2D characters (which face you wherever you move to), and it also plays rather strangely too. That said: if you’re an RPG fan then it’s probably a game you must at least have a look at, due to its position as the founding game in the popular series.

Like its sequel – DaggerfallArena was released as a free download on Bethesda‘s website, in celebration of the Elder Scrolls series’ tenth anniversary.

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Daggerfall, PC

The second game in the famous Elder Scrolls series, this one called The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Daggerfall is a sprawling MS-DOS-based RPG, full of monsters and magic (and fun), and was first released by Bethesda (and US Gold, in the UK anyway), back in 1996.

Compared to Oblivion and SkyrimDaggerfall looks a little clunky by today’s standards, but it still plays pretty well, if you can come to terms with the arcane interface, gameplay and presentation. And it is a HUGE game – possibly the largest Elder Scrolls game ever – although ‘big’ doesn’t mean ‘best’, and in the context of this game it can mean getting lost quite often. Thankfully you can search for locations by typing in their name, otherwise you’d be looking forever.

Last time I checked, Bethesda was offering Daggerfall for download – for free – from their website. Which is nice of them! Definitely worth checking out if you love your Role-Playing Games. You’ll need DOSBox to get it running though (unless you are adventurous and know how to use MS-DOS).

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