Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues, PC

Old World Blues was the third story-based DLC to be released for Fallout: New Vegas and first came out on 19th July 2011. It is definitely the weirdest and funniest of the FNV DLCs and contains some hilarious dialogue, bizarre enemies, and strange settings, and it is considered by many Fallout: New Vegas players to be the best of the DLCs (I’d disagree, though – I think Dead Money is better).

In Old World Blues The Courier is abducted by crazy robots and trapped inside a pre-war research centre at Big Mountain (also known as “The Big Empty” or “Big MT“) in a science experiment-gone-wrong. As the story unfolds The Courier can fight against his kidnappers or join with them to help them in their long-standing struggle against a greater threat. The Courier also discovers how some of the Mojave’s mutated creatures and dangerous technology came to exist.

The DLC increases the game’s level cap by five and introduces new achievements, perks, crafting recipes (including Auto-Inject Stimpaks), items, armour, and weapons (including the Sonic Emitter, the K9000 Cyberdog Gun, and the Proton Axe). New enemies include: surgically-altered Lobotomites, Robo-Scorpions, Dr. Mobius, Military Cyber Dogs, Berserk Securitrons, and Y-17 Trauma Harnesses (basically skeletons in retro 1950s sci-fi space suits). One of the biggest rewards is the experimental stealth suit that you acquire in this DLC and can use back in the Mojave afterwards. There are also a variety of Mad Scientist Gloves (including the Sterilizer Gloves and the Corrosive Fist), and you can switch out body parts to suit your needs. There’s also a home base to discover, called The Sink, which is located inside The Big Empty’s central dome, and which you can upgrade.

Old World Blues is recommended for players at level fifteen and above. Once you’ve started it you can’t leave The Big Empty until you’ve solved its mysteries, but you can return to it once you’ve completed it.

This is a hugely fun and somewhat challenging DLC that adds an even more satirical edge to an already brilliant game. Combined, the four story-driven DLCs add a significant extra boost to Fallout: New Vegas that take the game in a variety of different directions, while staying in keeping with the game’s darkly comedic setting. All the DLCs are available as part of the “Ultimate Edition” of Fallout: New Vegas, or are available separately (on some retail services only), and are all worth playing as part of the complete Fallout: New Vegas experience.

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