Fallout: New Vegas: Lonesome Road, PC

Lonesome Road is the fourth and final story-based DLC for the classic RPG/shooter, Fallout: New Vegas, and was first released in September 2011. It’s meant for players who are level 25 or higher and begins with you being contacted by the original Courier Six – a man called Ulysses – who promises to tell you important information about the Platinum Chip and why he refused to deliver it.

Before Ulysses will divulge that information to you, however, he first wants to you to take a trip into the torn-up landscape of The Divide to find him, so he can speak to you face-to-face. Is this a trap? Is it worth finding out the answers to this piece of your past? Only by exploring The Divide will you find that out…

The game’s probably called Lonesome Road because you can’t take any companions with you, but you do get the help of an Eyebot called ED-E who’ll follow you, give you bits of information and unlock things for you, although his presence is somewhat suspicious as he could be working for Ulysses.

One key quest in Lonesome Road requires you to detonate thirty discarded warheads with a special laser gun you’re given by Ulysses. Removing these warheads will often open up a new route, find secret loot caches, or allow you to kill enemies from afar. Also: watching all the nuclear explosions is fun too.

Lonesome Road increases the level cap by five, has new perks, achievements, and crafting recipes. New enemies include: Hulking Tunnellers and Marked Men. New weapons include: the ‘Red Glare’ rocket launcher, satchel charges, flash bangs, the Arc Welder, and a fancy shoulder-mounted machine gun.

You can leave The Divide and return to the Mojave at any time, to heal and resupply if you’re finding it difficult, then return back to Lonesome Road later. This isn’t a particularly difficult DLC if your speech skills are high enough.

Lonesome Road is another must-have addition to the classic Fallout: New Vegas. It’s available as part of the “Ultimate Edition” or available separately through some retail services.

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