Syndicate, Amiga

The Amiga version of Bullfrog‘s classic tactical action game, Syndicate, came out at more or less the same time as the original PC version, and – as good as the game is – I have to say that it is not as good as the MS-DOS version, and I’ll explain why…

Firstly, the mouse-click response times are sluggish and can cause problems during gameplay – especially during gunfights, when right-clicking on targets (to shoot them, before they can shoot you) sometimes ends up not working, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of your agents. Which is frustrating and is not a problem in the PC version. The best solution to this is to hold down the right mouse button until the shot has been fired, rather than clicking and letting go. The mouse button definitely needs a prolonged and very decisive click to work properly.

Secondly, the graphics in the Amiga version are far less detailed than in the PC SVGA version and the game just doesn’t look as good overall. Even the lower resolution PC VGA version looks better than the Amiga version.

While the Amiga version of Syndicate is still a decent game – if you can put up with the unresponsive controls and the slowness – it is not the version of the game I’d choose to play, if I had the choice. Unless you want to play Syndicate on real hardware, I’d forget about the Amiga version of this game. The version of the game available on GOG.comSyndicate Plus – is the version to play, IMHO.

More: Syndicate on Wikipedia
GOG: Syndicate on

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