BioShock Infinite, PC

BioShock Infinite (2013) is the third game in the BioShock series, and it is one a hell of a game! It is a bright, imaginative, funny, touching, emotional, violent and downright surprising adventure, set in a steampunk-style cloud city called Columbia.

The DNA of the game feels like BioShock, but you’re not underwater this time – you’re in the clouds. And you’re swinging from building to building like a Victorian Spider-Man, and toting First World War style weapons.

The world you’re exploring feels like history gone wrong, because it IS history gone wrong. Everything about BioShock Infinite is stunning: the story, as it unfolds; the action (which is breathtaking, and shockingly violent in places); the graphics (a staggering level of detail in the 3D modelling, and the lighting is phenomenal); the sound (the soundtrack – by Garry Schyman – isn’t quite as iconic as his previous two BioShock scores, but is still superb); the gameplay mechanics (zipping along rails and jumping around is easy, intuitive and fun). It’s hard to describe just how good playing this game is, other than to say that it is still unparalleled in its detail and beauty.

BioShock Infinite is very re-playable too. Other than the awkward autosaves: it’s pretty much a perfect single-player story experience.

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Steam: BioShock Infinite on Steam

2 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite, PC”

  1. Contrary opinion: I loved everything about Bioshock: Infinite, EXCEPT that it was a game. I found the shooting sections dull, a lot of the main battles just felt like fighting a few waves of enemies, the gameplay itself didn’t feel organic or enjoyable to me. Despite that I adored everything else about it, but I’ve never wanted to sit through another play through. I kinda feel like this would’ve been better as a film.

    It’s a damn shame too, as it’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and when plot stuff is happening it’s really engaging. I’m glad I completed it – although I remember the final battle being an absolute chore. Glad the ending made up for it.

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    1. Agree that the final battle was a bit of a chore. I would’ve liked MORE waves of enemies in the previous battles, to be honest. The Handyman baddies seemed underused, in some respects. Still loved it though. Great story-telling (even though the story was a bit trite overall), and great world-building.


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