BioShock 2, PC

BioShock 2 was first released in 2010 by 2K Games.

Personally, I think BioShock 2 just edges it over its predecessor, because the setting is really interesting (rather than hunting Big Daddies, in this one you get to play AS a Big Daddy), and also because this sequel has a decent multiplayer side (the first BioShock had no multiplayer). And also because the game mechanics are slightly more detailed than the first game.

I also think the ending is better in BioShock 2. Of the three possible endings, the one I got I thought was absolutely brilliant. Brought a tear to the eye…

BioShock 2 carries on a fine tradition of emotional, dark action adventures on the PC (and other systems), and is still well worth a play any day of the week.

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Steam: BioShock 2 on Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “BioShock 2, PC”

  1. I loved the multiplayer, and it annoys me to high hell that games need a minimum of six players, so getting a game going is a nightmare, and as such multiplayer is now completely dead. Still haven’t completed the single player, on my massive to do list.

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