Dig Dug II, Arcade

Namco‘s fairly unassuming 1985 release, Dig Dug II, is a fun sequel to the classic digging game, except in this game you are (the character) Dig Dug – on an island, with either your hose or your drill as weapons – and must defeat all the monsters to progress.

As in the original Dig Dug: if you throw your hose at an approaching monster it will allow you to inflate and defeat it, although this takes time and you can be killed by touch during the inflation process. So you have to be quick. If you’re even cleverer you can beat the baddies by trapping them on a piece of island that can be levelled into the sea, by drilling at key points in certain directions.

At first, Dig Dug II starts off fairly easy, and rapidly becomes very hard. Furthest I’ve got so far is level thirteen. Unlucky for some…

Dig Dug II does have its fans, and was also an influence on other games that came after it (for example: 1991‘s PC Engine classic Splash Lake).

It’s still well worth a play now.

It’s also worth noting that there are two versions of the Dig Dug II arcade game floating around. An easier “old” version, and a harder “new” version. These grabs were taken from the “new” version.

More: Dig Dug II on Wikipedia

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