Bubble Bobble, MSX

For my money the MSX conversion is the best 8-bit home computer port of Bubble Bobble out there. It was developed by Taito themselves, who know the game inside-out and obviously knew what they were doing when they programmed it.

Bubble Bobble was released on the MSX2 as a cartridge game and features crisp, colourful graphics; authentic gameplay, and responsive controls. There is a little bit of sprite tearing when things get busy on screen, but not as bad as seen in some conversions. The game plays fast and doesn’t seem to suffer from any slowdown. It is a top quality conversion overall.

The only downside is that you have to press a button to jump, rather than push up (as you do in almost all the other 8-bit conversions), which often caused me problems because I was conditioned push up on the joystick to jump. I got used to it eventually, though. Other than that it is an excellent port of the classic arcade game.

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