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Everybody’s Golf Portable 2, PSP

Known as “Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2” in North America and Everybody’s Golf Portable 2 everywhere else, this superb golf game is arguably the stand-out sports title on the PSP.

It’s the eighth game in the Everybody’s Golf series and first came out in 2007.

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Chip Shot Super Pro Golf, Intellivision

Although it’s not quite Leaderboard, Chip Shot Super Pro Golf is a decent enough golf game on the Intellivision console. Arguably even the best.

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Zany Golf, Atari ST

Zany Golf was released by Electronic Arts in 1988. It originated on the Apple IIGS but was quickly ported to 16-bit computers, including this fine Atari ST version.

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Leaderboard, Atari ST

For a while, in the mid Eighties, Access Software‘s Leaderboard hung on to the title of ‘best golf game’ on the planet. Starting on the Commodore 64 and ending here on the Atari ST (and Amiga) in 1986.

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Ninja Golf, Atari 7800

A notch above “Monkey Tennis” in terms of great ideas, Ninja Golf was dreamt-up and released for the Atari 7800, way back in 1990.

As an idea: Ninja Golf is not a bad one. Mixing golf with beat ’em up elements sounds like it could be fun.

Where this game falls down, though, is in the playability stakes. Ninja Golf is too repetitive and not really playable enough for my liking. Little actual skill is required – outside of the golf segments. The fighting sections are slow and uninteresting. The golf sections are basic at best.

Atari should have given us a decent game with Ninja Golf, but in the end we only got a mediocre one. As far as I’m aware: Ninja Golf didn’t appear anywhere other than the Atari 7800 either. Surprise, surprise.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninja_Golf

Golf, Game Boy

Simply called Golf, this 1989 Game Boy title is a conversion of Nintendo‘s classic 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System game and gives a fantastic round of putting and driving on Nintendo‘s humble little handheld.

Nintendo‘s Golf started a trend that saw them develop a multitude of “chibi” (miniature/cute) type sports sims across all of its platforms, over the space of a couple of decades. Golf, baseball, tennis, soccer – you name it. Heck, Nintendo could still be producing cutesy sports sims for the Switch and I wouldn’t even know it…

Nintendo Game Boy Golf is still more than good enough to warrant a play nowadays though, so go seek it out if you fancy a round of ‘chibi’ golf.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golf_(1984_video_game)#Ports

Sensible Golf, PC

Relatively obscure follow-up to Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder.

Sensible Golf was first released in 1994 for the PC and Amiga, and didn’t really make much of an impact on the market, although it’s not a bad game at all.

Sensible Software‘s trademark ‘titchy’ characters are appealing, and the swing system works okay. The courses are also quite challenging.

Sensible Golf doesn’t play a bad round of golf at all and the colours are quite vivid for a golf game. Worth a look if you’ve never played it.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensible_Golf

World Class Leaderboard, Commodore 64

World Class Leaderboard on the Commodore 64 is one of my favourite games of all time, but I’m not really much of a golf fan. This goes some way to demonstrating just how GOOD this game is.

Playing Leaderboard is so simple and subtle, and extremely entertaining and really quite addictive. Two-player, Leaderboard is an unbeatable sports simulation.

Even though it is old: Leaderboard remains an incredible game, even to this day.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leader_Board