Leaderboard: Executive Edition, Commodore 64

The 1987 follow-up to the classic Leaderboard, the Executive Edition features four new golf courses with new features such as bunkers and trees. It’s essentially the same great game as Leaderboard, with the same simple control system and simulation of ball movement.

Leaderboard: Executive Edition is arguably more difficult than the first Leaderboard because of the addition of trees, which of course you have to hit around, and not through. It can be frustrating getting caught on a tree – especially when the game makes you hit through one to a hole – but prudent use of the Pitching Wedge and irons can get you out of tricky situations. Bunkers can also be a pain – especially since the game doesn’t provide you with a Sand Wedge – but again: use of the Pitching Wedge can get you out of trouble.

Some of the holes still take place on islands, so water traps are also a thing, and overall Leaderboard: Executive Edition is a real test of skill – especially on the higher of the three skill levels. On the lowest skill level the game is pretty much in practise mode.

For some reason Leaderboard: Executive Edition didn’t do as well critically at the time of release – in spite of the new features. It generally reviewed worse than the original Leaderboard in many of the major games magazines. Not sure why that was because, in my opinion, it’s better than the first Leaderboard. I guess many reviewers were just frustrated by the new hazards.

More: Leaderboard on Wikipedia

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