World Class Leaderboard, ZX Spectrum

The more fully-featured sequel to Leaderboard on the Spectrum is better than its predecessor, but not without its problems.

While it’s good this time to have all the relevant match info on-screen during play (which was not the case in the first Leaderboard game), the visuals do suffer a little from the Spectrum‘s graphical limitations. In Leaderboard the game looked empty, but in World Class Leaderboard the game looks a bit cluttered. Mostly because the trees, combined with the vertical line shading, do not go easy on the eyes. Especially as the ball in this version seems to be tiny – sometimes disappearing at times. However, the game itself plays fine.

As is the case in all genuine Leaderboard games the player uses a simple two-press strength/slice control system and it is this simplicity that gives the game an edge over similar and more complicated golf games.

Putting is also simple, with a pole that indicates the type of slope you’re putting on, which you use to decide how to make your putt. That said: there does seem to be a problem with short putts in this Spectrum version of World Class Leaderboard. It doesn’t seem possible to make really soft putts (a short jab on the fire button will hit harder than you anticipated), plus: the game sometimes places you in a position where you can’t make a putt, because of the angle. Which can destroy a match on a single green… Which is not good.

World Class Leaderboard won’t appeal to everyone. Those wanting a more detailed game and a more complex golfing experience will want to look elsewhere. Those who love Leaderboard will get a reasonable amount of challenge out of the four multi-load courses supplied with World Class Leaderboard on the Spectrum. I enjoyed playing it, but it did take me a while to get used to the graphics, and that issue with short putting was also annoying.

More: World Class Leaderboard on Wikipedia

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