Star Wars, Arcade

Atari‘s classic Star Wars arcade game took the gaming world by storm back in 1983.

It gave games-players a chance to pilot an X-Wing for the first time and wowed audiences with its superfast vector graphics and amazing digitised sound.

Star Wars really was a breakthrough arcade game, and it made space combat THE hot gaming genre in the mid Eighties, just as the film Star Wars had made sci-fi the hot genre in the movie biz some years earlier.

Still great to play now, if you can find it. I have seen playable sit-down cabinets recently, and recommend putting some money into Star Wars if you see one up and running.

More: Star Wars on Wikipedia

9 thoughts on “Star Wars, Arcade”

  1. Could’ve sworn a nightclub in Leeds circa 2010ish had a pretty beat up cabinet of this sitting at the back, but the cab looks different to the one linked and I thought it had a two player option? Either way I remember being completely bollocks at it, but least I can blame that on the drink.

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