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Winter Olympiad 88, ZX Spectrum

Winter Olympiad 88 for the ZX Spectrum was programmed by Derek Brewster, with graphics by Philip Scott. It is a multi-event winter sports game, no doubt created to cash in on the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada.

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Speed King 2, ZX Spectrum

A budget motorbike racing game, created by Derek Brewster in 1987 for Mastertronic.

Speed King 2 is the sequel to… well, nothing, because there’s isn’t a Speed King 1, as far as I can tell. Was there a prequel to this? If there was, I can’t find it… Maybe Brewster was trying to make a sequel to Full Throttle? Because Speed King 2 does look a bit like it. I dunno.

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Mission Jupiter, ZX Spectrum

Codemasters released this Derek Brewster game in 1987 under the title of Mission Jupiter (also known as Jupiter Mission in some territories).

It’s a simple side-scrolling shooter with a guy wearing a jet pack.

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Con-Quest, ZX Spectrum

Con-Quest is a 1986 ZX Spectrum release from Mastertronic, created by the inimitable Derek Brewster.

In it you play a character called Oscar who has just inherited a large castle. The castle isn’t vacant though – it’s full of the evil minions of the demon Grell, who you must evict.

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The Curse of Sherwood, ZX Spectrum

The Curse of Sherwood is a 1987 action/adventure game from the prolific programmer/designer Derek Brewster.

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