Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, PC

Mysteries of the Sith is the 1998 sequel to Dark Forces II. It uses the same 3D engine (with some enhancements) and follows the same style of gameplay as its predecessor, but contains considerably more features and detail.

For starters: you get a lightsaber straight away, which is good. Secondly: Force powers are more varied, and in this game the storyline sticks to the light side of The Force, so there’s no dabbling in the dark side like there was in the previous game. Like before: at the end of a level you get apportioned Force Points and can invest those into your Force Powers as you see fit.

There’s a wider range of enemies in Mysteries of the Sith, and lightsaber battles are more prominent too. Later in the game you have to defeat some seriously tough opponents with your sword. Learning how to throw it helps.

My favourite thing about Mysteries of the Sith, though, is the level design. Like Dark Forces II, this game has some amazing settings and environmental puzzles. Swimming; climbing; jumping – when you’re not shooting (or using your lightsaber) you’re usually searching for the next key/hole/switch/button/lever by climbing over anything and everything. Force Jumping your way up to inaccessible areas… Playing Mysteries of the Sith you actually feel like a Jedi, and that’s what it’s all about.

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