Jasper, ZX Spectrum

Derek Brewster‘s Jasper is a decent platform game from the early days of the ZX Spectrum. It was first published by Micromega in 1984.

Jasper himself is a yellow mouse, and his raison d’etre in life is: making it home across 22 screens of obstacles.

If Jasper touches any moving baddies while jumping he’s toast and loses a life. He can also pick up and use objects he finds and can carry up to five different items at once. And these objects tend to have a specific purpose, so you must work out what does what to progress.

As Spectrum platform games go: Jasper is quite difficult, but still fun to play now. Graphically it’s colourful and cute, and has stood the test of time reasonably well.

More: Jasper on World of Spectrum

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