The Curse of Sherwood, ZX Spectrum

The Curse of Sherwood is a 1987 action/adventure game from the prolific programmer/designer Derek Brewster.

In it you play Friar Tuck – Robin Hood’s legendary monastic friend – on a mission to rid Sherwood forest of the evil cult of Sagella.

Basically you run around shooting things, solving simple puzzles. The Curse of Sherwood is what they used to call an “action adventure” in the olden days – an adventure game with action elements.

Derek Brewster did a decent enough job with the graphics and presentation. Gameplay-wise: it’s not one of his best, but it’s still pretty good compared to most. Not Derek‘s most well-remembered (or best-reviewed) game, but it was a budget game on the Mastertronic label (costing only £1.99 at the time) and was a relatively minor release in the grand scheme of things. Still: not a bad effort from Durham’s favourite 8-bit coder.

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