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Mega Man X, Super Nintendo

Definitely the best of the Super Nintendo Mega Man games. From it’s dramatic intro, and the semblance of a plot, to the beautiful graphics, Mega Man X is arguably the best game in the entire Mega Man franchise.

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Mega Man 6, NES

Mega Man 6, released by Capcom in 1993, was the last of the Mega Man games on the Famicom/NES. The first Super Nintendo Mega Man game – Mega Man X – also came out the same year as this. Which is a bit of a shock when you compare the games side by side…

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Breath of Fire II, Super Nintendo

Breath of Fire II is a direct sequel to Breath of Fire, first released in Japan in 1994.

Set 500 years after the events of Breath of Fire, you again assume the role of a young boy called Ryu, this time a descendant of the hero of the first game. You initially begin a quest to clear the name of one of your friends, and this snowballs into something epic.

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