Mega Man X, Super Nintendo

Definitely the best of the Super Nintendo Mega Man games. From it’s dramatic intro, and the semblance of a plot, to the beautiful graphics, Mega Man X is arguably the best game in the entire Mega Man franchise.

What Mega Man X did was introduce new gameplay elements to spice up the Mega Man series, and it worked. Mega Man X can now dash and climb walls, which gives him extra agility and allows him to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. He can also find new abilities and upgrade his armour as he progresses.

This time Mega Man X is up against the following boss characters: the Sting Chameleon, the Spark Mandrill, the Boomer Kuwanger, the Armored Armadillo, the Storm Eagle, the Chill Penguin, the Launch Octopus, and the Flame Mammoth.

Mega Man X was first released on December the 17th 1993, in Japan, and later made it to North America in 1994. It was the beginning of a long-running Mega Man X series.

If I was going to recommend a Mega Man game to anyone wanting to play just one (just to see what they were like), I’d probably recommend this one. Because it is the most playable and varied, and sticks to the Mega Man conventions. Mega Man X an excellent ‘run and gun’ style platform game.

More: Mega Man X on Wikipedia

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