Mega Man 6, NES

Mega Man 6, released by Capcom in 1993, was the last of the Mega Man games on the Famicom/NES. The first Super Nintendo Mega Man game – Mega Man X – also came out the same year as this. Which is a bit of a shock when you compare the games side by side…

Anyway, in Mega Man 6 the main bad guys this time are: Blizzard Man, Wind Man, Flame Man, Plant Man, Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man, Knight Man, and Centaur Man.

Considering the high quality of episode five you’d be wondering how Capcom could push it for episode six, and the answer is: by adding new mechanics, such as fans that blow you upwards; vending machines that keep producing enemies until you deplete them; rising and falling spike traps; bouncy surfaces; and underwater levels with higher/slower jumping.

There are plenty of mid-level boss fights, as usual, although this time they seem harder for some reason. Like all Mega Man games: Mega Man 6 is very challenging, but if you learn how to deal with the individual enemies: you’re halfway there. The other half unfortunately requires timing and skill…

Overall, Mega Man 6 is beautifully presented. The use of colour is particularly good. A memorable swansong for Mega Man on the the Famicom.

More: Mega Man 6 on Wikipedia

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