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Breath of Fire II, Super Nintendo

Breath of Fire II is a direct sequel to Breath of Fire, first released in Japan in 1994.

Set 500 years after the events of Breath of Fire, you again assume the role of a young boy called Ryu, this time a descendant of the hero of the first game. You initially begin a quest to clear the name of one of your friends, and this snowballs into something epic.

Like before, Breath of Fire II is a mixture of overworld exploration and turn-based combat – building experience points and raising levels by grinding random combat hotspots. Occasionally you’ll get to fight the odd boss. And even more occasionally you’ll get to recruit new party members.

The graphics and sound are beautiful throughout and the adventuring gathers pace gradually. There is a constant stream of things to do (including fishing), and the combat is also quite hypnotic. Personally: I love this game.

If you like level-grinders you’ll really have to play the first two Breath of Fire games. They are Super Nintendo classics. They’ve also been re-released on the Game Boy Advance.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breath_of_Fire_II

Breath of Fire, Super Nintendo

Capcom‘s Breath of Fire is the first major, traditional Role-Playing Game from the company and was released on the Super Nintendo in 1993 in Japan, and 1994 in English-speaking territories.

In Breath of Fire you control a young boy called Ryu – one of the last of an ancient race with the ability to turn into dragons – searching for his lost sister. It’s an epic adventure, told using overhead, 2D backgrounds and sprites, with cut-aways to an isometric viewpoint for combat.

Combat initiates randomly when exploring the overworld map, and is both beautifully simple, and perfectly-timed. If you love level-grinders the turn-based, party-driven, grinder-y style of combat in this will probably please you. In fact: Breath of Fire – as a whole – will probably please you. It is a pleasure to play from start to finish. Great attention to detail; tons of variety; solid gameplay.

An even better sequel came out a year later. As a pair of JRPGs, the first two Breath of Fires are a formidable presence in retro gaming history.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breath_of_Fire_(video_game)