Vindicators, Arcade

Vindicators is a one or two-player futuristic tank combat game released into arcades by Atari Games in 1988.

The simultaneous two-player co-op mode is arguably the most fun you can have with Vindicators, although the single-player game is also challenging.

The fuel in your tank is constantly draining, which acts a timer, and there are a variety of obstacles and enemies to deal with as you trundle vertically up the screen. The game uses ‘caterpillar’ controls, meaning that you can control the tank’s track and turret movement independently, as you would in a real tank. This sometimes causes confusion for some people when they first play the game, but when you get used to it it’s quite intuitive.

Vindicators uses similar video and sound hardware to 720 Degrees and Toobin’ and has that distinct Atari Games‘ look and feel that was so prevalent in late 1980s video game arcades.

It’s also a great game to play with a joypad with two thumbsticks – especially two-player – if you can get it set up right in an emulator.

More: Vindicators on Wikipedia

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