Turbo, ColecoVision

Turbo is a conversion of a 1981 Sega arcade game, first released on the ColecoVision in 1982. The game uses a third-person viewpoint, from behind the car, and is compatible with the ColecoVision analogue steering wheel (aka “ColecoVision Expansion Module #2“).

In fact: the steering wheel is required to play Turbo. This can cause problems trying to play the game in emulators because some don’t support the steering wheel, or don’t give it as a controller option.

The ColecoVision steering wheel actually came bundled with a copy of Turbo, and as far as I know only five games ever supported it (Turbo, Bump ‘n’ Jump, Pitstop, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Destructor). Turbo is arguably the best, though.

The aim is to pass thirty opponent cars and to stay ahead of them before the timer expires. There are hazards to avoid, such as oil slicks and ambulances, but the main things to avoid are other cars. Hitting one will send your car into a temporary wobble, which will lose you valuable time.

Although Turbo looks very primitive by today’s standards it was an advanced and exciting game to play back in the early Eighties, and the ColecoVision version is probably the best home version.

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