Tapper, Arcade

Tapper (sometimes known as Root Beer Tapper) is an iconic arcade game first manufactured in 1983 by Bally Midway. It features gameplay based on the job of bartending – serving drinks to customers and cleaning up after them.

Each screen presents the player with a row of bars and you situated at one end. Customers gather at the other end of the bars and you serve them beer by sliding full glasses down towards them. Once they’re done drinking they’ll slide the empty glasses back towards you and you have to catch them.

A bonus intermission screen sees you trying to choose the right can on a table. A guy quickly shakes up the cans, but leaves one unshaken. If you open the wrong can: it fizzes up in your face. If you open the right can: it doesn’t, and you win a bonus.

Tapper was originally designed to be installed in bars and featured Budweiser branding, with logos appearing in various places in the game. Unfortunately this drew criticism from some people who accused the manufacturers of trying to market alcohol to minors. Developer Marvin Glass and Associates later changed the name to “Root Beer Tapper“, and removed the Budweiser logos, which allowed the game’s general release into arcades.

The grabs here show both versions of the game. The original Budweiser version first, then Root Beer Tapper second.

Tapper is a classic arcade game that is still fun to play now. It’s been converted to most home systems and it still pops-up in compilations and in retrospectives from time to time, and is fairly easy to find.

More: Tapper on Wikipedia

4 thoughts on “Tapper, Arcade”

  1. The strangest variant of this game I’ve played is one that comes as a minigame in Rocksmith 2014 to try and teach you how to switch between guitar strings quickly. Not exactly the same, instead it’s presented as a bar shootout and you have to gun down enemies before they reach the bar. There’s six lanes, each one controlled by a guitar string, and the game gradually gets faster. Very weird.

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