Speed King 2, ZX Spectrum

A budget motorbike racing game, created by Derek Brewster in 1987 for Mastertronic.

Speed King 2 is the sequel to… well, nothing, because there’s isn’t a Speed King 1, as far as I can tell. Was there a prequel to this? If there was, I can’t find it… Maybe Brewster was trying to make a sequel to Full Throttle? Because Speed King 2 does look a bit like it. I dunno.

As Spectrum bike racing games go Speed King 2 is pretty poor. Graphically it is reasonable. The gameplay is okay once the controls and timing have been mastered, but as for longevity: it wouldn’t keep you going for more than an hour. Even the two-player split screen game is pointless because you only race against a second player – there are no other riders on the track, which is very disappointing.

More: Speed King 2 on World of Spectrum

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