Mission Jupiter, ZX Spectrum

Codemasters released this Derek Brewster game in 1987 under the title of Mission Jupiter (also known as Jupiter Mission in some territories).

It’s a simple side-scrolling shooter with a guy wearing a jet pack.

Thing is: his jet pack has limited fuel, and when that’s run out he is forced to use the ground. His blaster laser also has limited energy. Both jet pack fuel and laser energy can be topped up by collecting canisters that appear randomly.

Mission Jupiter plays a bit like a cross between Moon Patrol and Jet Pac, but isn’t anywhere near as good as either or those games. Technically it’s alright, with smooth scrolling and reasonably good sprites, but the backgrounds aren’t that good (in fact, your guy gets lost in them as he passes over them) and the gameplay doesn’t really feel like it’s been thought through properly.

Not one of Brewster or Codemasters‘ best games.

More: Mission Jupiter on World of Spectrum

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