Con-Quest, ZX Spectrum

Con-Quest is a 1986 ZX Spectrum release from Mastertronic, created by the inimitable Derek Brewster.

In it you play a character called Oscar who has just inherited a large castle. The castle isn’t vacant though – it’s full of the evil minions of the demon Grell, who you must evict.

To do this Oscar runs around, collecting items, and using them to either kill the enemies, or solve simple puzzles. Finding a throwing axe is priority as you are defenceless without a weapon and can’t rack up any points. Finding small keys to open chests, and large keys to open gates, is the next order or priority.

Con-Quest reminds me of Ultimate Play The Game‘s classic Atic Atac in some respects. The way Oscar picks up and uses items is similar, as is the axe-chucking combat and coloured keys/gates. The whole backbone of the game is reminiscent of Atic Atac.

Con-Quest is not a bad game at all, although it is one of those early action adventures with obscure objectives and clunky controls. Reading the manual, or some tips, before playing the game will help. Not a bad little game though, in the overall Derek Brewster video game-ography.

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