Frankenstein, Atari ST

For some reason I prefer the Atari ST version of Zeppelin GamesFrankenstein over the Amiga version of this game, mostly because the sound effects aren’t as bad in the ST version as they are in the Amiga version…

The game is pretty much the same as the Amiga version, though, with a highly-controllable hunchback assistant exploring a variety of screens set around a castle and a village, and with a graphical style that is a satirical cartoon take on the Mary Shelley horror story.

Frankenstein does have a variety of faults and annoyances, but the overriding feel of the jumping main character still makes the game worth a play today. The humour in the game is low-level juvenile cartoon slapstick with a low level of high violence, but does have a 16-bit charm to it.

Published by Zeppelin on their “16-Bit Platinum” label, Frankenstein is an acquired taste to play. The first few playthroughs will be annoying, but when you figure out a route to all the items required – and learn where they’re located – then the game becomes a lot more enjoyable. It takes a while to get into, but Frankenstein is a highly playable game, except that it’s also one with highly niggly gameplay and difficult survival.

Frankenstein‘s an acquired taste, but a worthy game.

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