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Mario Tennis, Game Boy Color

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo in 2000 (in Japan – 2001 everywhere else), Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Color is an alternate handheld version of the Mario-based tennis game on the Nintendo 64 which was published under the same name that same year.

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Jimmy Connors’ Tennis, Atari Lynx

Featuring the name and likeness of American world number one tennis champion, Jimmy Connors, this tennis game – as far as I can tell – is the one and only tennis game on the Atari Lynx, and it’s pretty average.

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Mario Tennis: Power Tour, Game Boy Advance

This 2005 tennis game is one of my favourite sports games of all time.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour was developed by Camelot for Nintendo and is known as Mario Power Tennis in Europe and Australia, but I’m sticking to the original title.

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Super Tennis, Super Nintendo

Still my favourite tennis game of all time. On any system.

Super Tennis on the SNES is so good; so much fun to bend shots around the net; such a good balance between cartoony-ness and realism, that it is always a joy to revisit.

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Top Spin, XBox

PAM Development‘s 2003 release, Top Spin, was the moment when tennis games came of age and went full 3D.

From Match Point on the ZX Spectrum, via Super Tennis on the Super Nintendo, to this… Arguably the pinnacle of all modern tennis games.

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