Giants: Citizen Kabuto, PC

This obscure 2000 release from Planet Moon Studios and Interplay pretty much sank without a trace on first release – in spite of being a great game. Thankfully, Giants: Citizen Kabuto has been given a new lease of life, thanks to (and other outlets) giving it a re-release, and it seems to have found a new audience. Looking at the reviews on in particular it seems that this game is receiving a lot of love.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a mission-based 3D action game that can be played single-player or multiplayer; first-person or third-person, and is basically a shooter, but with some resource management and real-time strategy mixed-in.

In single-player you start by playing a guy in a spacesuit (called Baz) who must find his friends among the hostile environment. And, after you’ve found them, you can command them to do things for you. Later on you get to play other races as the game opens up.

Still available on and Steam, Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a video-gaming gem that is absolutely worth tracking down and playing. It’s an easy game to get into; is challenging and detailed enough to draw you in, but not frustrating, and runs beautifully on modern computers. Get it bought!

More: Giants: Citizen Kabuto on Wikipedia
Steam: Giants: Citizen Kabuto on Steam Giants: Citizen Kabuto on

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