Dan Dare III: The Escape, ZX Spectrum

One of Dave Perry‘s early commercial games, the third Dan Dan Spectrum game was developed by Probe Software, instead of Gang of Five (who did the first two Dan Dare games), and published by Virgin Games in 1990.

The natural shelf life of the Spectrum was coming to an end when Dan Dare III was released, but the game did at least push the machine quite hard. Graphically, The Escape is very nice, with fast, scrolling backgrounds and very large, impressive characters (The Mekon himself looks great), although Dan himself is quite stylised (ie. doesn’t look much like the Dan Dare we know and love).

The gameplay is pretty good, though. Arguably even the best out of all three Dan Dare games. And that mostly comes from using the jet pack, and the gravity and inertia associated with it. And, of course, shooting with the guns.

Dan Dare III – like the other Dan Dare games – is just a tad too simple to be anything more than an interesting licensed curiosity.

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