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Diggers, Amiga CD32

Diggers was originally a pack-in game for the Amiga CD32 launch bundle in 1993, and could be considered a variation of the Lemmings gameplay formula.

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Broforce, PC

Broforce is a satirical, side-scrolling run and gun shooter, with superb pixel graphics, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

It’s a ‘modern retro’ game, in that: it’s a modern game (it came out in 2015), trying to look retro, and it works fantastically well. Broforce is so much fun to play…

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The Great Escape, ZX Spectrum

Denton Designs made this smart little POW game for Ocean Software in 1986.

It basically re-enacts the risky life of being a Prisoner of War during the Second World War, with a planned escape being top of the list of things to do.

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Boulder Dash, ColecoVision

The ColecoVision conversion of Boulder Dash is really quite wonderful. It was converted by Micro Lab and published on the Microfun label in 1984.

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Mr. Do!, Arcade

Universal‘s 1982 arcade game Mr. Do! is an iconic, early digging game, with chasing monsters and falling apples, and plenty of cute, Japanese surrealism.

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Mr. Ee!, BBC Micro

When Mr. Ee! was released way back in 1984 the games industry was a bit like the Wild West – everybody cloned everyone else’s games and no one gave a sh*t. It wasn’t until later that official licenses and lawsuits for similarities became a thing.

Which is why Mr. Ee! is an almost perfect clone of the arcade game Mr. Do! and was marketed as such back in 1984. Because they could get away with it…

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Boulder Dash, Atari 8-bit

Peter Liepa‘s classic Boulder Dash was first released for the Atari 800 in 1984 (the Commodore 64 version came later).

Boulder Dash is one of those games that is very simple, but also very clever. Not to mention: extremely devious. In some levels, if you put a foot wrong, you’re toast and must re-start.

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Boulder Dash, Atari ST

A conversion of the classic Atari 8-bit/Commodore 64 puzzle game, Boulder Dash, although this one dispenses with the original levels and introduces new ones.

In my opinion, it fails because of that.

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Boulder Dash, Arcade

This 1990 arcade version of First Star‘s classic Boulder Dash dispenses with Rockford as we know (knew) him, and replaces him with a miner’s hat-wearing boy, although this doesn’t affect the game negatively.

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