Boulder Dash, Commodore 64

The classic maze/puzzle game Boulder Dash on the Commodore 64 is a fantastic conversion of the Atari 8-bit original. It was created by Canadian developers Peter Liepa and Chris Gray and published by First Star in 1984.

There are not many games from this era that are better than Boulder Dash. You control a small character called Rockford and collect diamonds while tunnelling through dirt, avoiding rocks that fall down on you as you tunnel. There are 16 levels in total, each with five difficulty levels. Some levels have special hazards such as fireflies (that move quickly around the edge of any cleared area), or amoebas (that slowly expand out into any clear space), and gravity is always gnawing at your consciousness, but the devious and highly addictive nature of Boulder Dash‘s gameplay is a constant reminder that the simplest of game ideas are often the best.

Personally, I would say that this C64 conversion is actually better than the Atari original, because it’s more colourful and because overall it just seems to play better. A Commodore 64 classic; an iconic game, and one that should be played by anyone who wants to enjoy the best retro games around.

Final note: interestingly, co-creator Chris Gray‘s name is spelled incorrectly on the title screen. It’s written as “Grey“, but his actual surname is “Gray“. This is the same Chris Gray who created Infiltrator and who later set up the Canadian development company, Gray Matter.

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