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Morrowind, XBox

In my opinion the Morrowind Game of the Year Edition on the XBox is even better than the much-loved PC original, because the controls are more intuitive.

You may scoff, but having played all the Elder Scrolls games to death over the past two decades, and having written about them a lot in many different magazines, I think that qualifies me to override the opinion of someone who hasn’t done any of those things! 😀

I was lucky enough to play this on an original XBox devkit, which allowed me to take uncompressed screenshots over a LAN. Thus: the unparalleled quality of my shots.

There is no doubting that Morrowind is one of the best RPGs ever made. Better than Oblivion; better than Skyrim. Why? Because it is much more open and detailed than either of those games, and because the magic system is so much more expansive and fun. Not to mention the brilliant volcanic setting and scary diseases that you can catch.

Sure: the graphics are a little basic, compared to most modern big team games, but the gameplay is second to none.

When I last played this game I think I spent close to six months milking it of everything it had to offer, and took around ten thousand screenshots. These are just a few of the best!

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Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/22320/
More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls_III:_Morrowind

100 Best Level-Grinders Of All-Time
100 Best Level-Grinders Of All-Time

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, Nintendo DS

This third game in the Atlus Etrian Odyssey series is a serious contender for the best RPG of all time. It is just so beautiful and so detailed and so well constructed that I haven’t got anything negative to say about it. Other than it is rock hard!

That’s why it is best played in an emulator. With quick saves. And a lot of repetition. If you want to get The Deathly Stone, or beat the three magical dragons, you’re going to have to cheat. If anyone out there ever beat this game on an actual DS, without cheating, then I’m a lesser gamer than you. 🙂

Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City is a level-grinder’s wet dream. Pun intended.

There’s another set of Etrian Odyssey III grabs on The King of Grabs here.

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Swords and Sorcery, ZX Spectrum

Swords and Sorcery by PSS is an early RPG that was way ahead of its time (it having been first released in 1985), and also surprisingly tense and feature-packed, considering that it fit in to only 48K of memory.

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