Gauntlet, Apple II

Before playing this game I’d read that the Apple II conversion of Atari‘s classic arcade game Gauntlet was a bit of a mess, but that didn’t quite prepare me for quite how bad it actually is…

Gauntlet on the Apple II starts off slow and gradually gets slower, and if you’re determined enough to get to the (gasp) eighth level then you’ll encounter frame rates of about one frame per second. If you’re lucky. When there are multiple monsters on-screen at once – and, come on, this is Gauntlet so the game’s designed to have lots of monsters on-screen at the same time – then the game crawls to a near standstill. Moving at these frames rates is like moving under heavy gravity. It’s just no fun.

The graphics are okay – standard Apple II blue, orange, black and white fare – and the scrolling is acceptable, but the gameplay is really not up to scratch and you have to wonder why Mindscape even bothered converting this. Actually, it’s obvious why Mindscape converted this… to make a quick buck from unsuspecting Apple II gamers way back in 1988. Maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe some Apple II owners out there did actually enjoy playing Gauntlet? I highly doubt it.

More: Gauntlet on Wikipedia

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