Gauntlet, PC

The MS-DOS version of Gauntlet was published by Mindscape in 1988 and I’m not entirely sure who developed it, but it isn’t very good, the truth be told.

It’s a one or two-player game and is the Gauntlet we’ve come to know, except that it’s clunky, slow, and unplayable. Since the game will only run in either EGA or CGA mode it’s also severely lacking in colour. All the backgrounds are grey and some of the monsters are odd colours.

Gauntlet runs in DOSBox but you will have to open your DOSBox configuration file and change “machine=svga_s3” (or whatever it’s currently set to) to “machine=ega” to get it working properly. You might even have to mess with the cycles setting to get it running at a reasonable speed. You can easily change it back to whatever it was after you’ve finished playing. Which will probably be a short while afterwards…

Even when the game is running at speed the fire rate is far too slow to make an effective impact on the many monsters you have to shoot; the controls are sluggish and your shots often pass through monsters without even harming them, making the experience of playing an extremely frustrating one.

Gauntlet in DOS isn’t a good conversion, nor does it show off what DOS gaming is all about. In fact, it’s a bit of an embarrassment to PC gaming.

More: Gauntlet on Wikipedia

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