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Tau Ceti, PC

The PC MS-DOS version of Tau Ceti was coded by Derek Baker at Comtec and published by CRL Group (Thunder Mountain in North America) in 1987.

It features gaudy, four-colour, CGA graphics, but is otherwise the Tau Ceti we know and love.

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Tau Ceti, Atari ST

The 1986 Atari ST conversion of Tau Ceti – by Ron De Santi of Comtec – is much faster than the 8-bit versions and therefore more challenging. And what a brilliant challenge it is!

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Tau Ceti, Commodore 64

John Twiddy‘s C64 conversion of Pete Cooke‘s classic space shooter is arguably even better than the Spectrum original.

Graphically it’s a little chunkier, but the extra colours make a difference.

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Tau Ceti, Amstrad CPC

I wrote quite a bit about the original ZX Spectrum version – because it’s so good – but this 1986 Amstrad version of Tau Ceti is possibly even better than the original…

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Tau Ceti: Special Edition, ZX Spectrum

Tau Ceti: Special Edition is an updated, enhanced version of the original game, released for 128K Spectrums in 1987.

The Special Edition contains a number of new features that make playing Tau Ceti easier and more well-rounded.

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Tau Ceti, ZX Spectrum

Published by CRL Group in 1985, Tau Ceti was programmer Pete Cooke‘s breakthrough game. ‘Breakthrough’ in that it was just completely brilliant and ahead of its time, and ultimately: influential.

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Academy, ZX Spectrum

Sub-titled “Tau Ceti II“, Pete Cooke’s stunning Academy is a brilliant mission-based surface shooter that combines great presentation and atmosphere, with interesting use of light – quite radical for a humble ZX Spectrum.

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Frontier: Elite II, PC

David Braben‘s long-awaited 1993 follow-up to the classic space trading game Elite unfortunately doesn’t involve Ian Bell.

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INSIDE by Playdead, PC

Playdead’s magnificent INSIDE is an incredibly atmospheric and unsettling video game.

It is simple platforming at its best, beautiful and compartmentalised storytelling at it most entertaining, and a very creepy and weird edge throughout.

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