INSIDE by Playdead

INSIDE by Playdead, PC

Playdead’s magnificent INSIDE is an incredibly atmospheric and unsettling video game.

It is simple platforming at its best, beautiful and compartmentalised storytelling at it most entertaining, and a very creepy and weird edge throughout.

If you haven’t played it all the way through yet, you’re missing out.

[Warning: these grabs contain some minor visual spoilers].

Don’t worry though. If you’ve already played it you will already have your own interpretation of what happens. If you haven’t: you won’t. And won’t know how it all ends. Or what is going on in any of these shots. You have to play the entire game, engage your own brain cells, and take the controls to actually “spoil” the story of INSIDE.

INSIDE is one of the best-looking games of all time though. Amazing use of dramatics. And creepiness. And water. Great for screenshot fanatics to pick over the highlights and lowlights.

More: INSIDE on Wikipedia
Steam: INSIDE on

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