Tau Ceti, Atari ST

The 1986 Atari ST conversion of Tau Ceti – by Ron De Santi of Comtec – is much faster than the 8-bit versions and therefore more challenging. And what a brilliant challenge it is!

Like in the original: you pilot a skimmer and must find 40 reactor core pieces and assemble them together, before shutting down the central reactor core in the heavily-defended city of Centralis.

Tau Ceti is a tough game to beat, but is easier to play than it looks, and is well worth learning how to play. Figuring out how to make warp jumps (using jump gates) is a priority. Don’t be one of those people who never gets off the first level, Reema… Then you have to work out how to dock with buildings (don’t fly too fast when docking), assemble the reactor core pieces (by typing “RODS” when docked or landed, then putting them together like a jigsaw), and also how to survive/play for longer by repairing your ship and saving the game.

Graphically, the Atari ST version is very good. The cockpit panel is a little busy, and it’s a pity that the actual view window is still very small (and could have been expanded), but overall there’s little to complain about. The higher frame rate makes moving the skimmer faster and easier, and generally more enjoyable to control.

Gameplay-wise: once you figure out how to use jump gates and assemble core pieces you’re halfway there, and then the game gets seriously good. Saving often is a good tactic.

Tau Ceti wasn’t converted to the Amiga, as far as I can tell, which makes this Atari ST conversion somewhat unique.

More: Tau Ceti on Wikipedia

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